Adsense Ctr has a safe not connection with or Ctr 15℅ or impressions CTR 25℅.

Adsense Ctr has a safe not connection with  or  Ctr 15℅ or impressions CTR 25℅

Safe Adsense CTR Or Impresson CTR is available here

Adsense: -

The logo of the app is that I do not know what the adsense is doing or how it works, but I do not know how to use it ... I have google adsense that shows you the website or youtube on which the website owner or youtube owner knows what the money is for ... 

Type of CTR: -

Adsense me apko 2 shows the CTR of the CTR and 2- Impreson CTR is higher or you do not want to switch between 2 cs and 2s.

Page CTR: -
page CTR matlab apke agar 1000 page views hai uspe 50 click hai to click hoga wo apka ctr hoga

50 × 100
------------ = 5℅ Page CTR

You can see 1000 page views, 50 click here, page ctr 5℅ hoga. You can search by app to page ctr.

2- Impresson CTR: -

If you want to get a copy of the video or video on your site, then go to the next page of your site or use another 100 pages for your site and then click here for 20 days.

20 × 100
------------ = 20% impresson ctr

You can send an application to an impression ctr as soon as possible.


If you do not want to add any other page ctr or impresson ctr, then go to apk video and click on a skippable video that has a cct of your favorite tab. I have not been able to solve any problem because I am not able to click on any other person or I do not want to make a comment because I have forgotten my ctr.

Safe ctr percentage: -

The daily midnight is 12 days before reaching the ctr. It has been said that he has a right to click on his own ctr. If he or she wants to have a daily cot, it is a bad problem.

If the page CTR is 10℅ hot or safe for me, then you have to wait for 15 minutes to go from 15 to 15 minutes, or if you want to go ahead or go 15 years or more then go to the top. Your adsense message has been blocked.

If you have any idea about CTR, you have 20% higher than that of 20% ... but it is up to 20% higher or higher than 25% because of which the app is removed. yes you are lijiye ..

If you want to understand that CTR has a CTR of 1 or 2 for 2 days or more, then there is no question of how much money is available or if you do not have any adsense. .

1 ya 2 din ke liye ctr badhne para hahan hai ki apar paresh hai hai hai hai hai hai aparka apta ctr 2 dan hai hi jaata hai hi apne eskko karna padta ho ho ...

If you are trying to update the refund zone from the refreshed zone, please do not share the site's monetize band nor do you have any kind of code or just use it in the ctr. 

Agar apka ctr 2 has been changed from 2 days ago to youtube channel on the video for us to see what has been seen here, so that we have a video that is suitable for you to access the video or click here. ctr badhta hai ...

Next post in my account, I can control the app's log in my ctr.

I hope that you will not be able to post a message ... if you have any questions, please send an email to the app ...