What is Google Webmaster Use of the Blog website?

What is Google Webmaster Use of the Blog website?

To Hey Guys, Sayad app that has Google's support for my language and my blog or blog, Google has been using this blog, even if it is a website or blog that has been used by Google Amp. That's it, Google has a project of Google, which is why I am looking at the theme of my blog or website.Aaj lagbhag har nayi website has been used by the theme of AMP.

To Guys is an article I would like to know when I am doing what I am doing or what I do or I do not know how to use it.


To get to Guys, I am happy to know that AMP's "Accelerated Mobile Page" is a great way to translate the website itself, so that we can get a website that has a lot of information, but it does not make any sense. If you do not like the website that has slowed down, then you can still do the work of the website. It was opened to the publisher for the first time on October 7, 2015 by the new year. 

AMP is Google's open source project, publisher, blogger, and webdite owner. AMP is able to create a mobile-optimized content from the Website Owner's Website Owner, which has all the Devices phones, Tablet me fast loads.

Google's AMP project has started with the help of its users to get the Best Mobile Experience and to use the Type Mobile Mobile Mobile Web site, it will be time to load and users will be able to open the site. wait no krna pade

If you have been using the Internet for more than two years now, you should contact Amp on behalf of your Google business.

⚡️Amp ko apni blog website peek use: -
If you have any questions about using the website, then you can use the AMP language to translate the theme into a theme that can be used by your website or blogger.

Use the Wordpress website pe ⚡️Amp to use

  • Please login with your WordPress admin panel.
  • If you have a choice of theme, then you have a choice of AMP.
  • If you do not have any other options for AMP, please click on Add Plugin and then add your plugin.
  • Search me and search the AMP.
  • Please install AMP for WP if you like this plugin.
  • Please install and install the plugin.
If you want to activate the plugin, you will be able to activate it as soon as possible.
If you want to check your website, then you can add an Amp to your website.

I would like to visit www.techspot99.com for my website www.techspot99.com/AMP I would like to visit my mobile website or mobile phone with some of my theme or desktop app. I am open

If you have any questions about Google's web site, then search the Web site without asking any questions.

Blogger Me ⚡️AMP Kaise Use Kare?
To App also uses Blogger to access the blog that is about to be full plugin for the blogger. or am a jaise plugin to apko blogger is not available for the app to be able to use Blogger to Amp, which can be used faster. Use the Amp wali theme to activate Blogger's app. If you want to use Google's web browser, you can use your blogger to use it. Blogger has changed the theme for your blog, but you have changed the blogger website.

To help you find out more about Amp, please contact us here. You have a new project that has not been able to do any work, but it has been done to improve it. I am happy to tell you about Blogger or Website.

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